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Stan Albin


Stan Albin holds a Master's Degree in Architecture and Art and is a former teacher of drawing and descriptive geometry.


With a taste for research, a natural artistic curiosity, and an easy skill in any technique, he is able translate his observations from simple linear sketches into rich textural forms of illusion and abstraction. Known for his outdoor paintings, portraits and water colours he also exhibited works in oil, water media and pastels in Pont Aven for several years. The persuasive approach and results of his work come from a total engagement in pictorial techniques. His main exhibitions include FIAP in Paris, BNP Opera, BNP Rivoli,  Ibiza Graphic, New York's Pratt Gallery, and the Mystic Seaport Gallery. He won the grand prize for his fresco " Spirale des Abbesses " in Paris.. He also exhibits annually with the CAM.


Stan is an engaging conversationist with a keen sense of humour and a superb knowledge and understanding of art and history.


Paintings and drawings

Caricatures and portraits