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Omar Pirez Pertuso

Omar PIREZ PERTUSO, portraitist at the artist square  Omar 2.JPG
in Montmartre was born in Montevideo Uruguay in 1953.
He settled in Paris in 1981 and, kipping the double nationality, became french in 1989.
He learned drawing in Uruguay with professor Arostegui and participated in France
in the Aron's atelier (Paris 18ème) and the ADAC atelier (Paris Town Hall) (Paris 19ème)
Since 1979 he has made portraits in Mallorca and Alicante (Spain), London and Brighton (England),
Lausanne (Switzerland), Punta del Este (Uruguay), Salvador de Bahia (Brasil) and Stockholm (Sweden).
In 1995 he's got a place in the "Place du Tertre" where he has worked until now.
He has travelled often to differents places in the world and studied Ethnology at the Sorbonne (Paris V)
and got a master degree in Social Anthropology in 1987.
In 1992 he followed a decoration-painting course and made mural paintings and trompe l'oeil in Paris.
He has exhibited his drawings in Uruguay, Spain and France and has participated
in several collective exhibitions.